UK Problem Gamblers Don't Get Help

According to a recent study, only 3 percent of UK problem gamblers receive treatment. Thus, many people with problem gambling are suffering from devastating effects on their relationships, careers, and finances.

Experts said that the statistics indicated flaws in the problem gambling treatment system. Also, it showed the dangers of the country’s permissive regulatory regime. The good news is that it is the subject of a government review.

The National Gambling Treatment Service showed that 9,008 gamblers received treatment in the fiscal year that ended in March 2020. Thus, only around three percent of problem gamblers got help. The actual numbers could be less of what was recorded.

UK Problem Gamblers

UK Problem Gamblers Don't Get HelpThere are 280,000 problem gamblers in England based on bookie pay per head reports. However, a YouGov survey showed around 1.4 million people suffering from problem gambling. According to NHS England, they stepped up their treatments by opening four new clinics to address the UK’s lack of centers.

According to the best pay per head sportsbook, the report is a wake-up call for the UK gambling industry. There are several things to be done to avoid problem gambling. Out of those who got treatment, 45 percent had debts of more than £5,000, went bankrupt, or gone through a debt repayment plan. Also, they spent £2,000 a month before they received treatment.

More than 25 percent said they lost a relationship based on pay per head solutions sources because of their problem. Also, 12 percent said they lost a job. The report also showed that most of the people receiving treatment gained benefits for it. However, 40 percent who completed the program are still categorized as problem gamblers.

Most problematic gamblers seek help through the National Gambling Helpline instead of their GP. Also, the helpline relies on voluntary funding from the gambling firms.